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Scraps is the name I'm giving to works that, for whatever reason, were abandoned long before bringing them to completion. While broken and unfinished, I felt that they deserved a place to exist online.

#1: Eight Thirty, Nowhere (2019) was an attempt at creating massive, open spaces in the style of Connor Sherlock's Walking Sim A Month Club. I wanted to create a frighteningly massive environment, sparse, largely empty, with more focus on being a tone piece than anything. 

It was important for me that getting anywhere took a long, long time. There's a house at the edge of the play area. Try to find it!

There were attempts at adding narrative beats at some point, using what I'd learned of Fungus during CAN ANDROIDS PRAY development. But it ultimately felt like I was trying to turn the project into something it wasn't. This was an experiment in tone, nothing more. I do think that experiment worked—8:30 has some powerful colours, my compensating for a lack of moving elements with a striking palette, and I'm really happy with how the terrain came out.

This project was the last time I made an earnest attempt at making "a game". I thought about ways to get it onto Itch but ultimately my writing work got in the way and I forgot about it.

Known issues:

  • Some of the shadows are a bit busted.
  • No pause menu or escape option, sorry. Alt-F4 is your friend.
  • Maybe the collisions are bad on some props, I haven't checked.
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AuthorNatalie Clayton
TagsUnity, Walking simulator


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Im surprised at how good this looks in motion. It is a great thing.

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This game is so beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites, art wise. I can't wait for more scraps!


I too came for the artistic style. Loved the peace the clean lines of the terrain and shaders give. It's a nice scrap.


I didn't know what to expect but the art style convinced me to try this game. 

And I am speechless, this is simply awesome. Everything about this is perfect. The big open world with no objectives, the feeling of thoughtful loneliness, the visuals, the small bits of text here and there... even the fact that the game is unfinished makes sense with the experience as a whole.

Just go and play it!

PS: Nat Clayton, I can only dream about a video game adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune made by you <3