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Can Androids Pray: Red is a sitcom-length choice-based narrative experience about two angry femme mech pilots at the end of the world, and God. As featured at the V&A Dundee Museum, A.MAZE 2019, and the EGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection.

It is also a companion piece to Can Androids Pray: Blue, which uses blue colors. Both versions can be bought in a bundle for the same price of a single game at this link.

WRITTEN BY:  Xalavier Nelson Jr / @WritNelson

DEVELOPED BY: Natalie Clayton / @scarletcatalie

MUSIC BY: Priscilla Snow / @ghoulnoise

Content warnings for suicide, religious themes, and (military-censored) profanity.


Get this game and 2 more for $6.99 USD
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I enjoyed it a lot! This is a short and thoughful game with some really powerful ideas behind the dialogs. If you like sci-fi, you will love it!


I really enjoyed this game! It knew what it was about, and it got that across in a solid (but short) no-frills narrative arc, with a surprising reveal! Since I read somewhat fast, this game was around 15-20 minutes for me, fyi


Just finished, and... damn. A quick review:

This is very good, and I am very glad that I played it. I think I want to play it again, which is strange given its relative brevity. Can Androids Pray has a deeply assured sense of place, and of itself. Unlike many (and perhaps most) games, it's not about a story, where gameplay can be meaningfully abstracted from presentation and critiqued on its own merits; it is itself, and it is singularly good.

Roughly how long is it


I don't have an exact playtime, but it couldn't have been much longer than a half hour. The page says "sitcom-length", so that tracks. Definitely worth your time if you're at all curious!


Hi, I have a Youtube channel that previews/reviews indie games (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1GM7S0EyFbQe5NCwuAo3g) and next month I'm going to devote an episode to Visual Novels. I thought Can Androids Pray looked like a great VN to feature on that episode. If you're interested, could you email me at indiegameintros@gmail.com

Hello, neither of the Mac (blue or reds) are downloading, is there a way to refund this or is that not possible...


Could you contact itch.io support with the error you're seeing. You can also try the itch.io app which manages downloads for you, it can be more reliable than a browser download. Thanjks

Hi: I just changed the file format on this version and I'm TOLD it works. If you could try again and let me know asap that'd be great!


Yes, I was able to play and really enjoyed it, thanks 

Hey y'all I'm having trouble opening the mac file? Any suggestions? Is it me? I'm getting an unhelpful error that just says the file "can't be opened". Happens for both, I'm on 2019 mpb with High Sierra.

Hi, sorry! It's something I'm looking into (though I'm fairly busy at the moment). Unfortunately, I don't have a mac machine to create builds on and I'm told that creating them through Windows might be the problem

No worries!! No rush on my end, excited to play when you can figure it out without overworking. :)

I THINK it might be fixed now: amended the archival format and have been told it works. Please let me know if you're getting it asap!