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Loved this—visuals were incredible and having just a little bit more anecdotal insight is always good for me. Thank you for putting this out there


Intriguing storytelling, thank you for this. As a bit of a subway-fetishist, I quite liked riding the low-res train.

(trivia note -- my Mac download didn't run until I chmod+x'd the executable in the package...)

I'm totally aware of the Mac issues, sorry! Been away at events the last couple weeks, and with me not having a Mac it's hard to really work out if fixes work, but thanks for letting me know.


Neat experience, and awesome to see this limited resolution + colour palette used to thematic effect too. The one downside of this is text can sometimes become difficult to read against such strong white colours, I found myself staring at a few ceilings trying to bits of text.

Otherwise, cool game!