15.1.3422. We made camp on that precipice, trading one stranger for another. This one, however, seemed far less... hostile.

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AuthorNatalie Clayton
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Well, this is bit of a tour de force. The are and the sense of place are fantastic.


your art is so beautiful! and the story is very compelling :D



Really enjoyed Exile and Optional Boss.  

Exile especially.  It has a sort of mystique to. Love the art. Love how you handled the black & white scenes that I'm assuming are flashbacks(?).

What's the story behind Exile's development? How did it come to be? 

Yo I was just messing around with Bitsy and learning the tool - decided to try make some neat tilesets, put them in a little world, and it kinda snowballed into A Thing

Found thanks to Waypoint.  Donated a few bucks as I really enjoy what you've made.  :)