6701.02.31 - Log, 45, E. Satell

The smoke cleared earlier this morning, figure it's safe to approach. Picked up word over the comms that an Imoda had parked it's nose straight into the riverbed - folk up the plateau saw it staggering away from the sea earlier this week, clunking it's way across the valley. I'm in need of a new rig, best see how salvageable this old mess is. You don't see the western designs show up round here that often, anyway. If it made it this far, it can't be that much of a junker. 

I'm sure the pilot won't mind.

Get the lifters down there tonight, see if we can't dry the circuits a bit. Any luck, there might be something to salvage in the core. We get real lucky, it might've been trading something. If it's a surveyor, we at least get some data to sell. Way things are going, folk are gonna pay big for any chance of crossing the sea safely.

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AuthorNatalie Clayton
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Mechs, vignette


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this is really cool!


Really wonderful non linear story telling.


Just a super-creative use of tools and excellent worldbuilding

very cool

i love the interface & storytelling!